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"Setting the Standard for PMU Education"

5 Week Training Course Overview

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Sammi's "Why"

Since day 1 Sammi knew she would be an educator! The moment she sat in class all she could think about was how she could make it better. Sammi knew when she had the experience she was going to start her own training. Being a beginner was so scary for her. Although she had the drive and the confidence she felt lost. Sammi was coming from 12 years as a make up artist working with some of the biggest names in the business. She had overcome MANY fears and anxieties. The make up industry in LA is very cut throat! That helped her grow to be the resilient person that she is today. Most people don't get that kind of life experience and to be 100% honest if she hadn't had those life experiences she doesn't know if she would be where she is. From her knowledge and experience the majority of the schools out there don't give enough in person and hands on experience for the students to walk away feeling like they can at least get out there and try. There was 12 people in her Basic Microblading course and from her knowledge only 3 of them continued on to do the trade. To Sammi that was a sign that the students were not given a real chance. They were all terrified to work on someone. They all felt lost and were all searching for other outlets of education to get more info. Don't get her wrong, Sammi knows this is NOT for everybody. Nanobrows/pmu takes non stop practice and drive. If you can not draw an eyebrow or have any artistic ability whatsoever this is not for you. BUT if you have the personality that won't give up and you will continue to practice Sammi will give you the tools to succeed. Sammi puts her heart and soul into everything that she touches. So know that she is doing this cause this is her passion and her love and she can not wait to share everything with you!! 

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