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What Is Angel Removal?

The first tattoo removal product designed specifically for eyebrows, Angel Removal is a safe, manual technique, designed to remove tattoo pigment from the skin, using a simple 3 step process that is easy to learn! Here are several benefits:

  • Clients can put makeup on after 24 hours.

  • Great for partial removals

  • Little to no scabbing.

  • Removes all colors and all pigments on the market.

  • Takes no more than 40 minutes per treatment.

  • Can even be used DURING a PMU treatment to correct mistakes!

  • Active ingredients are acids from antioxidant fruits

Who Is Angel Removal For?

Most potential clients today have had some form of PMU. Many of them require corrections or just simply want to remove their PMU and start again. Angel Removal gives you an amazing solution for this! How many clients do you see who could benefit from...

  • Remove / fix poor quality previous PMU

  • Eliminate or correct pigment that has changed color or migrated

  • Remove / fix errors with the shape of PMU

  • Reduce pigment saturation to perform a new PMU treatment

Angel Removal Advantages

  • suitable for removal of all colours

  • can wear make up and work out after 24 hrs.

  • doesn’t cause necrosis

  • tissue heals quickly 

  • removed pigment and its quantity is easily visible  

  • there is no long-term post procedural redness or atrophic structure

Price breakdown

$50 retainer to hold appointment

$100 at the appointment

Total depends on how many sessions you will need

Unfortunately due to demand I am no longer performing removal. My assistant performs all my removal treatments. I have mentored her and she assists teaching the procedure. She is fully qualified and I completely trust you in her hands. Click link below to book:

Training information

Why Angel Removal?

  • There is MASSIVE demand for this service RIGHT NOW!

  • You can learn it and begin offering the service FAST!

  • Your clients will get this service somewhere, may as well be from you!

  • Exponentially increase your income quickly by combining removal with other services

Student Resources


Facebook: Beauty Angels Student Support Group

  • Use this group to share your progress and have any and all questions answered by Master Trainers and your fellow Beauty Angels Artists!

  • Get lifetime access to this Facebook Group

  • This group is exclusive for Beauty Angels Academy Students

Zoom: Angel Support Time

  • Weekly Zoom meetings hosted by 2 Master Trainers every week!

  • Take notes, ask questions, and practice on latex with other students and Masters

  • Link available at the Facebook Beauty Angels Student Support Group

  • Meetings hosted every Monday at 7 pm EST

  • Get lifetime access to Angel Support Time Zoom Meetings

What's Included?

  • The Angel Removal Kit

  • Online / Mobile access to the course for 6 months

  • 3 or 6 months of ongoing support directly from your Master Trainer

  • Live and online training courses available

Contact for online course. Click below for upcoming courses:

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